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Church Social Media and Membership Growth

Presentation by Peter Bowden, a Unitarian Universalist consultant specializing in congregational growth, outreach, and media. Peter has trained thousands of leaders across the United States and globally through his online programs.

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Program Agenda

This webinar will include a 45-minute presentation followed by 20-30 minutes for questions. A recording of the webinar will be shared with everyone who registers.

A New Digital Path!

Social media is changing how digitally oriented people are researching, connecting with, and trying to join congregations. This is creating a new digital path to membership in congregations.

Social Media Strategy

Learn how other congregations are using social media. We'll cover a range of best practices, common pitfalls, as well as questions leaders need to consider to clarify their goals and strategy. 

CUC Next Steps

Based on a review of Canadian Unitarian Council member congregation social media channels, we'll discuss strategies to take your social media to the next level.  We'll also address question submitted during the webinar. 

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Peter Bowden

Known for his work with congregational growth, outreach, and media, Peter is a popular Unitarian Universalist speaker, trainer, and coach. He has lead trainings across the United States and globally through his online programs. 

Peter is known for co-founding the UU Small Group Ministry Network, producing some of the first UU videos on Youtube, and being a social media pioneer within our movement. 

In addition to his work with congregations, Peter frequently consults with denominational leaders, nonprofits, and independent justice leaders. 

People are changing. Has your strategy?

Whether you like smartphones and social media or not, technology is changing human behavior. For congregations to not only survive but to THRIVE, leaders need to understand these changes and adapt their strategy.

If your congregations is waiting for people to show up on site to meet and greet them, you may be ignoring your best candidates for membership -- your online visitors!

In this webinar for Canadian Unitarian Council member congregations you'll learn:

  • How and why social media is pulling the typical church membership process online.
  • Why people are attempting to research and select a congregation to join without ever visiting on site.
  • Top social media strategies to help online visitors determine if your congregation is right for them.
  • Best practices to increase social media engagement with your entire online audience including members, friends, and newcomers.
  • Questions to ask to help clarify your goals and strategy.
  • What CUC congregations can do to take their social media to the next level based on a review of CUC congregational social media channels.

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